4 ways to empower your IT team

Modern IT management is a huge task. And it can be hard to find the time and resources to do it properly. As such, adopting a fire-fighting approach to technology is the default position for too many organisations. Because making space in an already packed schedule to come up with a more strategic, proactive approach can be challenging.

So, how can you empower your IT teams to work smarter, while decreasing costs AND ensuring service levels improve?

1. Invest in the right technology

Your business must provide your IT team with everything it needs to deliver. And, with more and more people working remotely this includes tools such as mobile apps, video conferencing and project management software. In addition, what can be automated should be automated to allow your staff to put their energy into revenue-raising, high-impact work rather than tedious admin processes.

2. Establish your budget

With budgetary pressures tighter than ever, having a realistic view of your bottom line is a must. But, according to Harvard Business Review, one in six IT initiatives sees a cost overrun of 200%.

As such it’s vital that you have a clear idea about costs. Things to consider include:

  • The upfront implementation considerations of any new initiative or investment
  • How much it is going to cost and manage and maintain your technologies going forward. This includes things such as the budget for infrastructure upgrades and new licenses, the cost of integrating any existing systems and the cost of employing staff to manage any IT projects or BAU
  • The cost of using cloud-based services and outsourcing your IT
  • Whether any SaaS systems can be personalised to suit the needs of your business and the cost of doing so
  • The cost of any missed deadlines, errors, technical issues, etc.

3. Outsource to a cloud provider

Outsourcing critical services to a trusted cloud partner can reduce the burden on your in-house team. Here’s why:

  • Outsourcing lets you scale up (or down) depending on your requirements
  • You don’t have to worry about letting staff go once a project is over
  • You don’t have to outsource all your IT requirements. Instead, a good cloud partner will work with you to come up with a solution that supports your internal team while maximising your IT resource
  • Outsourcing is a great option when you don’t have the necessary internal skills
  • If you outsource IT services to third-party cloud vendors, they will look after the ongoing maintenance and upgrades for you
  • Outsourcing comes with automated compliance and QA systems; helping you to ensure your IT systems are fit for purpose
  • Your outsourcing partner should have already invested in the technology you need. So, you can leverage this investment without incurring the cost yourself
  • Free from the hassle of managing and maintaining your service technologies, your in-house IT team has the tools and time it needs to enable digital transformation.

Ultimately, with a cloud partner, you benefit from proactive IT support, while the burden on your in-house IT team – including the drain of firefighting is reduced.  Indeed, at Service Geeni, our friendly and accessible team of experts are always on hand to ensure you get all the support you need. Ready and willing to go the extra mile, we’re here to make sure our services live up to our promises.

4. Simplify your vendor management

Rather than trying to patch different applications together, with Service Geeni as your software provider of choice, you’ll benefit from complete integration throughout all your processes. So you can standardise with one technology brand and partner.

Switching to our intelligent service management software will increase efficiency and productivity across your entire business.