How is the cloud changing supply chain management?

Organisations are evolving into ‘smart’ organisations through the use of innovative technology. And, one of the most ground-breaking revolutions when it comes to supply chain management has been the cloud. Indeed, as we look forward to a new decade, the most successful businesses are now using cloud-based systems to manage their end-to-end operations and to become more agile.

Here are just some of the ways the cloud is changing supply chain management.

The cloud is enabling better decision making

The world has become more and more information-driven. And cloud technology has empowered organisations to collect this data at a speed that was imaginable just a few years ago. But it’s not the volume of data that’s important; it’s what we do with it that matters.

Data is power and today, savvy organisations are using cloud-based service management software to access real-time, tailored, and accurate information, from multiple data sources, presented via easy to understand visual dashboards. So, rather than going on gut-instincts, this data can be used to inform strategy on things like warehouse management, stock control, marketing and customer retention.

With access to high-quality data, organisations can see trends and patterns emerging and use these insights to deliver actionable, evidence-based improvements and innovations. All while ensuring profit margins don’t suffer. In fact, real-time data collection and analysis – made possible by the cloud – has become so powerful that any business that wants to stay competitive must put it at the heart of their business strategy.

The cloud can help to foster integration and break down data silos

Most organisations are made up of many different departments and moving parts. And this can be challenging. Not least because, where various offices or departments don’t share information with others in the same company, both efficiency and productivity are diminished.

However, the cloud makes the sharing of information and the standardisation of processes possible. And this can deliver huge benefits. For example, by standardising and automates things such as POs and invoices, and removing manual entry processes, instances of duplication and human error are reduced, and everything speeds up. Service management software can also be used to connect disparate systems and integrate historical silos.

Crucially, with data silo one of the most significant barriers to business success, the cloud can deliver substantial improvements when it comes to efficiency and productivity, while allowing for a single view of all data across an entire organisation.

The cloud is cost-effective

When it comes to supply chain management, cloud-based systems can reduce a businesses’ operational costs. Not least because, with the cloud, there is no need to install costly hardware or software. Here are some other ways the cloud can help to boost your bottom line:

  • By reducing your admin burden. Too many businesses spend too much of their valuable time on repetitive and mundane tasks. However, with the right software, you’ll benefit from the simplification, standardisation, and streamlining of business processes. The more you automate, the more your processing costs decrease
  • By getting rid of duplication. With the cloud, everyone has the info they require, and there is no need for duplication. The less time your people spend on admin, the more time your team can spend on those tasks that make you money
  • By helping to complete jobs quicker. Cloud software can help you to get the job done, invoice, and move on to the next one as quickly as possible
  • By helping you to avoid returns. Cloud software can help you to achieve a natural reduction in shipping times and duplicate orders
  • By speeding up invoicing: Cloud software lets you generate invoices as soon as possible
  • By providing comprehensive management information. Smart software provides at-a-glance reports and analytics using easy to understand dashboards. With a wide range of performance metrics, access to such insightful business data can lead to actionable insights and improved decision making.

Ultimately, by boosting efficiency and contributing to improved decision making across all levels of your business, cloud software can help raise your bottom line and drive both profitability and growth. Just as important, a cloud-based solution will grow along with your business. So you never have to fork out for functionality you don’t currently need.

The cloud can help you to serve your customers faster

Today’s customers expect a fast service, and they won’t take kindly to the things they want being out of stock.  Your success is contingent on how quickly your business can locate, package and fulfil each order.

Cloud-based stock control systems boost operational efficiencies with impressive stock forecasting, and the ability to manage multiple stock locations. Furthermore, easy to set maximum, minimum and reorder levels for each stock item, you’ll always know what’s available, and have everything your customers need ready for dispatch.


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