How investing in service management software will help your IT team

Many organisations don’t see a need to outsource technology. Especially when they are big enough to be able to manage it in-house. But investing in cloud-hosted service management software could be one of the best ways to support your current IT staff.

Here’s why:

You get access to better IT for a fraction of the cost

In our digital world, IT management is a huge task. As well as the upfront implementation considerations of any new initiative or investment, you also have to think about how much it is going to cost and manage and maintain your technologies going forward.

Even when you have got the time and people to do it properly, keeping everything in-house can be expensive. Indeed, according to Harvard Business Review, one in six IT initiatives sees a cost overrun of 200%.

But, when you work with a service management software provider, you get access to best-in-class software at a fraction of the price. And, they will look after the ongoing maintenance and upgrades for you. This frees up budget for your IT department.

It can be challenging to keep up with evolving technology and skills

Our digital world moves fast. And, service management software is constantly evolving to keep up with developments (e.g. AI). So, without regular training, you could find that your people don’t always have the skills and expertise you need. Outsourcing your SMS to a trusted cloud partner could be the answer to this challenge.

It can be hard to find the time to do everything properly

Adopting a fire-fighting approach to technology is the default position of too many organisations. But, by investing in service management technology, you can remove some of the burden from your IT teams.

You can free up your people to make more strategic improvements to your business

Making space in a busy schedule to come up with a more strategic, proactive approach can be challenging. But, when free from the hassle of managing and maintaining your service management technology, your in-house IT team can instead spend the time it needs to enable digital transformation. So, what can be automated should be automated to enable your staff to put their energy into revenue-raising, high-impact work rather than tedious admin processes.

You can boost your compliance

Not all IT staff are compliance experts. But data protection and other compliance legislation cannot be overlooked. Outsourcing comes with automated compliance and QA systems; helping you to ensure your IT systems are fit for purpose. So that’s one less thing for your IT team to worry about.

Crucially, when thinking about investing in service management software, you don’t have to outsource all your software requirements. Instead, a good cloud partner will work with you to come up with a solution that prevents your internal team from becoming overworked and stressed, while maximising your IT resource.

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