How important is visibility to your business?

Visibility is essential to successful organisations. Especially service-led companies that rely on mobile employees.

But how can visibility improve all aspects of your operations?

Firstly, visibility provides a business with a clear overview of what its remote workforce is doing. This helps with the delivery of service excellence and operational efficiency. And, just as important, by giving your customer service teams access to all the information and real-time updates they need, they can respond to queries more effectively and boost customer satisfaction levels.

Tools that can help you to establish visibility in your business include:

  • Status update software. This lets your engineers update the status of each job, in real time. So, from accepting a job to engineers on route, to arrival and completion, your back office team always know what’s happening
  • Live location tracking. With real-time location updates you’ll always know where your engineers are. This allows you to provide job progress updates to customers and the rest of the business as required. And, as well as being able to determine where engineers are with their current schedule, you will also be able to use this data to best respond to urgent reactive calls. What’s more, because you’ll be able to automatically calculate the distance between jobs and the nearest available engineer, this allows you to assign tasks to the right engineers
  • Google Map integration. With Google Map data, if there are roadworks to avoid, or delays that could impact your productivity, you’ll have all the information necessary to keep your business and your customers updated
  • Equipment and asset management. Keeping a complete, up-to-date inventory of your equipment and assets this software gives your business a clear overview of what equipment is where. So you always know what you have, and when maintenance needs to happen
  • Stock control software. It can be challenging to keep track of inventory, particularly when engineers keep stock in their vehicles. However, with stock control software you can keep track of items between locations and from job to job. Engineers simply select used parts from their van, and this is automatically deducted from your inventory
  • Job management data. With access to job data and notes – including historic job info -your mobile workforce gets the insight needed to complete jobs more productively.

Business intelligence also provides visibility

Knowing what direction to steer your organisation is crucial when it comes to results, profit and growth. So, business owners must stay on top of their data.

By using service management software to combine both historical and forward-looking predictive analytics into their business intelligence (BI) reporting and strategies, management teams can benefit from unparalleled visibility and insights. Ultimately, with access to all the information they need, organisations can examine trends and uncover insights that will help them to optimise the performance of each element of their operations.

Give visibility to customers

Customers also want to be kept in the loop with smart software that provides at-a-glance job-based reports, updates and other tailored reports.

By providing customers with access to their very own customer portal, they will always know what’s happening while reducing the burden on business customer service teams.

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