How different industries are benefiting from service management software

Delivered over the internet, cloud-based service management software (SMS) is helping organisations across the UK. Here are just a few ways that it is being used to achieve success in different industries.

The Cleaning Industry

Service technology is being used to help the cleaning industry provide added value to customers. For example, online portals are giving customers access to all the latest service and performance reports, without them having to rely on calls or emails. And, because customers always know what’s happening, this leads to higher levels of satisfaction.

But it’s not just a one-way street when it comes to communication. Online portals and apps are also being used to make it easy for customers to feedback on the service they receive.

The Plumbing & Heating Industry

Heating and plumbing are essential to both commercial and residential customers. But today, a reactive, break-fix service model is not good enough. Instead, there is a growing demand for better quality service and less equipment downtime. In response, cloud-based technology such as sensors, planned maintenance software, and machine learning are enabling the pre-emptive repair of equipment and parts before a break.

This bringing together of operational and informational technology can generate signifgicant savings over scheduled repairs, as well as a reduction in maintenance costs and less downtime from equipment breakdowns.

The Property Management Industry

Automated tools are helping to improve service. For example, response time is vital when it comes to customer satisfaction levels. Residents and landlords want a resolution to their issues as rapidly as possible – often before they pick up the phone. But the sheer amount of calls received can make excellent customer service difficult; particularly for non-routine matters. It’s no wonder therefore, that automated assistance is becoming increasingly popular.

By removing first-response responsibilities and mundane tasks, property management teams can focus on providing a more tailored service to resolve more complex issues; allowing for the creation of a more personal customer experience.

The Manufacturing Industry

Tools have been developed that can automatically identify failures and the potential for failure; helping manufacturers to create better products and make speedier fixes. These IIoT enabled insights allow businesses to predict the cost risk and performance of assets. And, by acting on this information, companies can react faster to faults, bring better products to the market, and improve customer service.

The Logistics Industry

Logistics comprises of shipping, warehousing, courier services, road/rail transportation and air freight. And all of these facets of logistics can be enhanced with SMS. For example, fleet management software can help with enhanced route optimisation, auto-dispatching, delivery analytics and customer communications.

Also, with powerful reporting capabilities providing full visibility of all aspects of your warehouse, you can access all the necessary insight to optimise the performance of each element of your operation.

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