How consistent is your customer experience?

In recent posts, we’ve looked at:

But when it comes to boosting customer satisfaction levels, there is another piece of the jigsaw to consider. And that’s the consistency of the brand experience you provide.

Multi-channel matters

Today, to keep up with the competition you have to become multi-channel. Consider your own buying habits for example. You might see something on TV, go online to find out more, and ask your friends or colleagues their opinion on a potential purchase – all before handing over your hard earned cash.

Today’s customer interacts with a business through a variety of different means when making a purchase. So it’s vital to provide multichannel customer support. And, taking this one step further, omnichannel companies will provide a consistent customer experience across all on and offline channels.

Why consistency is important

Being consistent is crucial when you are looking to grow a business. It’s no good offering five-star customer service one day if you drop your standards for the rest of the week. Maintaining a consistent level of service is essential to ensure that customers always receive quality support. And that they know to expect this level of care.

How to deliver a consistent level of customer service

Establish customer service standards

Introduce clear policies, rules, and mechanisms to ensure consistency during every interaction your business has with a customer. To provide customers with excellent service every time they visit you, look at how service management technology can be used to help you to standardise your processes.

Identify all your touchpoints

Establish every touchpoint your customers have with your business (the customer journey).  This can include things like:

  • Visiting and interacting with you on your website
  • Interacting you with on social media
  • Visiting you in person (in your office, in their place of work, or at home)
  • How they are dealt with when they pick up the phone or email your company
  • How they pay for your services
  • And more!

After you have mapped out each touchpoint, you should then evaluate how consistent you are in meeting your customer service standards across each platform. And, if necessary, take steps to reduce the hassle and provide a simple, enjoyable and consistent experience.

Make sure your customer service teams know your brand guidelines

The more consistent your brand is, the more likely it is that people will understand just what it is that makes your business special. Brand guidelines exist to ensure that all marketing activity is uniform so that people admire, respect and trust you. But it’s no good your marketing communications saying you’re committed to client care if your customer service teams don’t live up to this promise.

Meet expectations

Once you have told a customer what to expect, you should make sure that you don’t let them down. Of course, things happen, and sometimes jobs fall behind. But as long as you inform customers if there are any delays or any changes they are likely to forgive you.

With our job management software, it’s easy to keep track of jobs. And because you always know what’s happening, sending an update or report to a customer takes seconds. For example, SMS technology can be combined with back-office software and used to send automatic messages to customers.

Make sure to maintain standards across all stages of the customer journey

It can be tempting to concentrate on making new sales, but maintaining standards when dealing with your existing customers is essential if you want to keep your business thriving. Likewise, nothing is likely to frustrate customers more than a dip in standards after they have alerted you to an issue.

Service management software can be used to help you to stay connected, with proactive follow-up starting immediately after the sale. For example, by contacting each customer to thank them for their business and asking them if they are happy with the service received. Where there are any problems, tech can also help you to establish automated processes to deal with these quickly and easily.

For more information on how our service management software can help you, contact us today for an informal chat.