Field service scheduling tips

By optimising your field scheduling, you’ll improve productivity, boost customer service, and keep everyone satisfied. But scheduling can be a challenge. So, in response, many organisations are relying on field service management software to help them stay on top of this crucial task.

Here are our field service scheduling tips to help you create happy customers and a fulfilled workforce.

Respect your employees’ time

Service personnel are as likely to get frustrated due to inefficient tools and processes as you are. So, if you want to retain your talent, it’s vital that they have everything they need to get on with the job.

As such, your field scheduling software should provide your engineers with real-time access to all the information they need. On any device, from anywhere. This will reduce the time they need to spend on the road or coming into the office. Ultimately, it’s about making it easier for them to get the job done and go home feeling productive at the end of each day.

Prioritise fix rates over response rates

The ability to assign tasks to engineers using location and scheduling data is vital. For example, by automatically calculating the distance between the job and the nearest available engineer. But it’s not just about bolstering your response times.

Not all jobs require the same set of skills and experience, so your field servicing software must also be able to identify the right person for each job. There’s no point dispatching someone to a job if they aren’t able to do it. Focus on achieving higher first-time fix rates if you really want to keep customers happy.

Become proactive

Planned maintenance is both complex and time-consuming. But augmenting your field servicing processes with a Preventative Maintenance (PPM) module can significantly reduce the burden.

With PPM, you can perform regular maintenance and reduce the chances of equipment failing. So, instead of fixing things when they break, you fix them beforehand. As such, PPM can help you to:

  • Keep equipment running as well as possible for as long as possible
  • Reduce the likelihood of unplanned shutdowns
  • Reduce maintenance costs.

Invest in a complete management and scheduling solution

You want software that allows you to generate the optimum schedule based on the job, geographical area, priority and customer. But more than this, it should also help you to develop agile practices that increase your efficiency, optimise your workforce, and boost your sales. Look out for a feature-rich scheduling solution that:

  • Helps you to balance your work schedule so that you can deliver the best service possible, to all your customers
  • Has an attractive and intuitive interface
  • Has optimised routeing functionality (so it takes time-of-day, traffic patterns, etc., into consideration)
  • Will integrate with your existing IT setup
  • Facilitates self-appointment booking
  • Prevents double-booking with alerts for overlapping
  • Lets you drag and re-book jobs straight into your engineers’ diaries
  • Provides engineers with a clear view of their scheduled work every day
  • Offers an at-a-glance view of the status of any job (including its history)
  • Provides automated progress updates to customers
  • Offers advanced reporting functionality
  • Allows you to access real-time inventory information from anywhere. So your engineers can quickly check whether the parts they need are in stock
  • Automates processes to improve speed and accuracy through the use of mobile technologies
  • Encourages the simplification and standardisation of business scheduling processes
  • Significantly reduces the amount of administration and paperwork needed
  • Eliminates the wasted time that results from poor scheduling decisions.

Make sure your field service scheduling software is secure

Keeping sensitive customer data safe is of the utmost importance. But the more technology you use, the greater the threat. Of course, in a digital world, not adapting with the times isn’t an option. And, with robust encryption now available, your cloud-based solution doesn’t have to come with an increase in risk. Speak to your software partner to make sure they can provide the necessary levels of data security and reliability.

For more information on how our scheduling software can help you to work smarter, contact us today for an informal chat.