Field Service Management Software is helping organisations to manage their operations and serve their customers better. Tasks and processes are standardised and streamlined, and all the information needed by staff is instantly available at the click of a button.

But how else can Field Service Management Software help, and is it suitable for your business?

Benefits of Field Service Management Software

With Field Service Management Software, your business can access a whole range of benefits. For example, you will be able to:

Keep mobile workers in the field

With Field Service Management Software, everything your engineers and technicians need can be accessed remotely, on any device. This removes the need for mobile workers to come into the office.

Save time between jobs

Field Service Management Software makes it easy to implement prioritised job management, with the most suitable engineer sent to every assignment.

Reduce paperwork

You will benefit from the simplification, standardisation, and streamlining of business processes, with information converted to digital and synced with your back office systems, in real-time.

Keep ahead of the curve

With Field Service Management Software you get better IT for your business. And you just pay for what you need on a per-user basis, and scale up (or down) on demand.

Access profitability

Field Service Management Software provides you with a plethora of reporting options. For example, you can look at the real profit and margin information of each client, look at the value of planned maintenance vs reactive work, and establish the profitability of all your engineers.

Access better business intelligence

From the hours your mobile workers spend on the road, to the net value in any project, you need data to track whether your organisation is on track. With Field Service Management Software, you get access to intelligent information, in easy to read dashboards. So you can turn insights into profitable actions.

Lower costs

Field Service Management Software creates a more stable cashflow, with services provided on a pay-as-you-go pricing model. So you never get any nasty surprises.

Get up and running quickly

You can tap into a tried and tested system that is ready to use, customisable to your business, and which works with your existing IT.

Foster collaboration

With Field Service Management Software, you can make internal silos a thing of the past and improve visibility between different departments and offices. You’ll also remove the duplication of data and therefore boost efficiency.

Stay secure

With access to Field Service Management Software that consistently achieves the highest level of data security and reliability, you can be sure that your data, and your reputation, are in safe hands.

Field Service Management Software features

Field Service Management Software is being used to manage a whole range of tasks. For example, field management software can be used with:

  • Job management. By allowing back office staff to book jobs and track their status in real-time
  • Ticketing. By helping a business to create and manage customer requests
  • Workforce management. By allowing managers and back office staff to GPS track and coordinate with field service agents
  • Scheduling. By generating the optimum schedule based on job, geographical area, priority and customer
  • Customer relationship management. By helping users to capture, store, access and manage customer information
  • Inventory management. With impressive stock forecasting, and the ability to manage multiple stock locations
  • Quoting. By letting you calculate the cost of materials, travel time and mileage. You can also establish rates per hour and apply basic and overtime rates.

The best Field Service Management Software also provides one interconnected system that monitors and shares information.

Does your business need Field Service Management Software?

Answer the following questions to determine if Field Service Management Software could help your business. If you answer yes to any of these questions, your business might benefit from Field Service Management Software.

  1. Is your business failing to collect the data it needs to make informed decisions?
  2. Does your company have access to a lot of data, but you are worried that it is not being used correctly?
  3. Are you concerned about data security and meeting the requirements of the GDPR?
  4. Are you spending over the odds to keep up with digital transformation?
  5. Are you worried about productivity and want to do things better?
  6. Is your organisation failing to meet its key performance indicators (KPIs)?
  7. If so, are you struggling to identify why?
  8. Do you want access to the technology and data you need to facilitate strategic growth?
  9. Do you want to be able to determine which clients and work types are most profitable?
  10. Would you benefit from data that reveals what you net on each project?
  11. Would you like to be able to invoice faster and give your cashflow a boost?

Why choose cloud-based Field Service Management Software?

On-premise solutions need a pre-built IT infrastructure with servers, network equipment etc. As such, the costs of installation, management and upgrades can be high (not to mention complex). What’s more, in many cases, these legacy systems simply take offline tasks and put them online. So, employees still have to complete tedious admin and fill in forms, just via a computer or mobile device.

However, the cloud provides access to enterprise-level Field Service Management Software for a fraction of the cost.

Also, field Service Management Software tends to be priced on a per user per month basis. And, because the cloud scalable, you can cherry-pick the functionality you need. And, with flexible subscription-based pricing models, you’ll only ever pay for what you use, and your solution can be scaled up or down without any fuss.

What’s more, the cloud can be implemented at a much lower price than an on-premise solution, with no significant investment in licenses or infrastructure needed. The cloud also provides reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as you don’t have to fork out on expensive infrastructure upgrades.

So, with the latest cloud Field Service Management Software, you’ll benefit from an innovative, affordable, tried and tested system that is ready to use and customisable to your business.