Raise and approve purchase orders in seconds

If you have to order parts or materials, it’s essential to raise and approve POs as quickly as possible. Particularly for urgent and reactive work. At Service Geeni, our purchase order software can be used for stock items, non-stock, contract commitments and specific jobs. Ultimately, we help to simplify the process and save time.

Create and approve POs as quickly as possible

When urgent parts are required, it’s vital to get them as soon as possible. But, when these items are not in stock, ordering materials needs to happen fast.

With our PO module, your engineers can select the parts that are required and alert the back office via their mobile devices. This allows a purchase order to be set up instantly.

Add orders to jobs

Once parts are ordered, the materials can be added to the cost of the job, ready for invoicing. What’s more, our intelligent software takes into account any specific customer rates and provides a mark up at an agreed percentage.

If you’ve received an invoice from a supplier, it’s also easy to match this to the right PO. This makes sure you never get overcharged for any parts you have ordered.

Chase up delayed orders

When a PO has been issued, and a part ordered, these jobs will be highlighted in the system. So you can see which jobs are still open at a glance. Making it easy to chase suppliers for deliveries, response times are improved and customer satisfaction increased.