Help your engineers become more productive

If your engineers are spending lots of time in your office, then they are not out keeping your customers happy. Our Mobile Worker app removes the need for mobile workers to come into the office to share business-­critical information. Instead, everything they require can be accessed remotely.

Allocate jobs to engineers

Choose the right engineer based on geography, skill set, customer SLAs, or response times, and deploy their work schedule using our Mobile Worker App. Jobs are then sent directly to your engineers’ mobile devices at the start of their shift; prioritised by location, urgency, etc.

Each assignment comes complete with all the information your mobile workers need, including customer address, contact information, job notes and history, images, and any site access instructions. If they click on the postcode for the job, the App launches Google Maps which they can then use as a Sat Nav tool.

Schedules can also be updated during the day should priorities change, with alerts sent to the relevant engineers. Once done, jobs can be marked as complete or flagged for further action.

Reduce the time spent on paperwork

With our Mobile Worker app, you’ll benefit from the simplification, standardisation, and streamlining of business process and improved regulatory compliance.

Because everything is available via the cloud, your engineers can fill in automated forms using any mobile device and even capture customer signatures. This information then syncs with your back office systems, in real-time.

So you spend less time chasing your teams to keep their paperwork up-to-date, and they spend less time on admin and more on those tasks that make you money.

Benefit from regular status updates

With the Mobile Worker app, your engineers can update the status of each job, in real time.

So, from accepting an assignment, to engineers on route, to arrival and completion, your back office team always knows what’s happening. At the same time, adding a note or sending a report to the customer takes seconds; so you boost both productivity and customer satisfaction.

What’s more, with the ability to update a job made quick and easy, assignments can be marked as complete and invoices generated quicker.