Keeping everyone up-­to-­date

With our job management software, it’s easy to keep track of jobs. So you can efficiently manage your service, installation, repair and hire contracts with ease. What’s more, because everyone has access to the latest job updates, in real-time, your customers will always know what’s happening – leading to higher levels of satisfaction and efficiency.

Benefit from simple job logging

Our helpful software makes it easy for your service desk team to log jobs and allocate engineers based on skill sets, customer SLAs, and response times.

With the intelligence to find customers using a wide variety of search terms -­ including incomplete data -­ and the ability to tag jobs by type, no time is wasted. Your data is consistent and complete, and everyone has access to the whole picture.

Your team can even add notes, order numbers or any other information you might need to a customer record. What’s more, precedence can be given to urgent jobs, and warnings set up to alert you to any possible time slips.

Get accurate status updates

Your engineers can view and update the status of each job, in real time.

So, from accepting a job, to engineers on route, to arrival and completion, your back office team always know what’s happening. At the same time, adding a note or sending a report to the customer takes seconds; so you boost both productivity and customer satisfaction.

What’s more, with the ability to update a job made quick and easy, jobs can be marked as complete and invoices generated quicker.

Access business intelligence data

Our smart software provides at-a-glance job-based reports using easy to understand dashboards which can be exported as PDFs or Excel spreadsheets; so you can send your customers regular and tailored reports.

Even better, you can provide your customers with access to their very own customer portal, so they always know what’s happening (while reducing the burden on your team).

With a wide range of performance metrics, access to such insightful business data can lead to actionable insights and improved decision making.