Speed up invoicing and reduce your admin burden

Too many businesses spend too much of their valuable time on repetitive and mundane tasks. However, with our invoicing software, the admin load is significantly reduced. Just as important, because engineers can mark jobs as complete, directly from their mobile devices, there’s no longer any delay between completing tasks and invoicing.

Send individual invoices

As soon as a job is complete, invoices can be generated automatically before being priced, checked and sent by your back office team for payment.

Each customer can be allocated their own set rates, and, when combined with our Mobile Worker app, timesheets and parts are automatically calculated against the job. Once done, this data is then shared with your existing accounts software.

Furthermore, because you can invoice directly from our system via email, you’ll reduce your admin burden and your postage costs.

Manage batch invoices

Allowing you to create multiple invoices, all at the same time, batch invoicing can significantly speed up your invoicing.

Enabling you to price up all completed jobs and park them until you are ready to process, we can save you valuable hours every month.

As well as the ability to handle invoices together, by customer and date range, you can also attach any associated paperwork (e.g. job sheets) at the same time.

Set up contract invoices

For ongoing contracts, our frequent billing feature lets you set up a regular invoicing schedule for fixed amounts at set frequencies.

Each invoice will be calculated for you, and you can send this to your customers at the click of a button. For customers that want consolidated invoices, we can create a single invoice for multiple jobs and/or contracts simply by marking their preferences in our invoice system.

Because consolidated invoicing can be quite complex, our easy to use system lets you add, swap, and remove items and details as needed. So you always keep your customers happy while looking after your bottom line.