Everything you need to keep track of your hired assets

With fully integrated features, setting up hire quotes and managing your hire equipment has never been easier. Choose from rolling or fixed-term contracts and benefit from detailed reports & billing to ensure your assets are always up to date, safe to use and returned on time, avoiding any surprises or loss in usage.

Never lose out, with our easy-to-use hire scheduler & cross hire feature

Quickly recognise what equipment you have available to ensure you meet your customer’s needs. If you don’t have a required piece of equipment available, you can easily identify a 3rd party supplier and raise a purchase order through the system. Service Geeni enables you to generate invoices for your customer regularly, whilst receiving invoices from your 3rd party supplier, giving you full visibility and a seamless supply chain.

Custom-built documentation makes it easy to generate specific delivery and collection notes, ensuring everything is easy to track, all in one place.

In-depth reporting & integration

With Service Geeni, you’ll benefit from detailed reports of all your hired assets. You’ll know exactly where they are, how long they’ll be with a customer and when they’re due for return. As well as usage reports, you will receive notifications for any planned preventative maintenance and when specific inspections are due.

Thanks to being fully integrated with your asset register, service scheduler and job management system, we help you stay ahead of any maintenance by ensuring all your service checks are delivered on time, all the time.

Manage profit & operate efficiently

As well as staying in control of all your hire assets, Service Geeni enables your service business to operate more efficiently and improve profits. You’ll have complete visibility of how an asset is performing, from the revenue it’s generating to the number of hours being spent to keep it running. You’ll have a clear indication of the cost to your business and the value of the asset vs it’s running costs, giving you a complete profit and loss against your equipment so you can make the right informed decision for your business.

You can also set up various charges and penalties for breaking a contract, such as going over the estimated usage allowance or returning a piece of equipment late. By receiving a clear indication of how much a particular asset is being used, you can then decide on whether or not to swap it out avoiding overuse or damage, whilst ensuring it’s delivering for you.