Full tracking of refrigerant gases & cylinder gases

If you work in the HVAC industry, chances are you probably struggle with the management and maintenance of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment. Tracking your use of refrigerant gas is crucial to staying compliant. With our F-Gas module, you get all the tracking and reporting features you need with the latest technology.

f-gas-tracking & reporting module

Real-Time Information at a click of a button

Service Geeni’s software fully syncs with the web and the mobile app. So, information can be relayed between your engineers and your office team in real-time. This allows, engineers in the field to automatically update records as and when cylinders are collected and returned. They can also see due dates and rental costs at the click of a button.

Fully Synced Mobile App For Better Visibility

Easily track gas cylinders, in the F-Gas tracking & reporting module. Minimise any additional charges for gas bottles and always stay in control with our location tracking.

tracking & reporting module

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Reliable F-Gas Data Management

Automatic leak detection systems and secure organisation of servicing & leak tests. Easily, identify any recurring problems as well as providing easy access to certificates and data for your customers.

Know who has what cylinder and what gasses they have stock of, as well as the remaining weights. This gives you control over your gasses as you can track cylinders from any supplier (virgin, recycled, reclaim) as well as rented, rent-free and purchased cylinders.

f-gas-tracking & reporting module

Easy Auditing with Full Tracking History

Instant access to fully tracking history of all gas movements into and out of cylinders and equipment, along with waste transfer notes.

Save Time & Increase Customer Satisfaction

We want to make your life easier, so we digitalised the F-Gas procedure for you.
Only assign qualified engineers to jobs through the system to ensure your customer gets the best possible service.

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