Integrate your contact management, sales management, workflow processes, marketing data and more

Everyone has their own unique needs and priorities, so providing a one-size-fits-all service can lead to frustration. With our CRM solution, everything is available in one place – from order history, to customer service issues, and more. Capitalising on this information, it is possible to gain a deeper insight into each customer’s and prospect’s needs, and tailor your service and support accordingly.

Boost sales

With our CRM system, you can identify and add new leads quickly and easily.

With comprehensive and accurate centrally held information about clients and prospects, your sales team can focus all its attention on winning the right clients; giving you the competitive advantage.

Support ongoing customer service

Too many businesses focus the majority of their available resource on activity that will lead to sales; forgetting about the benefits of continuing customer communication, tracking, and support.

With our CRM module, the provision of post-sale support becomes easier, while delivering ROI. For example, you can track and predict when a product might require maintenance and replacement, so you can contact your customers before they need to make a repeat purchase.

Enhance customer communications

Service Geeni CRM helps you to stay connected, with proactive follow-up starting immediately after each sale.

But it isn’t all about sales. CRM can also be used to help connect with customers on a more personal level; for example, to send a quick email or text to wish a contact happy birthday. This helps you to build an emotional relationship with each customer and increases the likelihood of repeat business.

Benefit from full integration

Our intelligent software has been designed to work with you and your business. As such, we have developed our CRM module to integrate seamlessly with any 3rd party software you might be using.