Service Geeni service management system built specially for calibration experts

Service Geeni service management software is a complete cloud-based system, developed to meet the exact needs of calibration companies. Service Geeni helps you provide a seamless service; planning tests automatically, delivering a quick turnaround, managing assets throughout their life, tailoring your service for larger contracts and giving customers access to all their latest account information anytime 24/7/365. Ultimately, we help you to provide the service your customers have come to expect.

Create bespoke calibration forms

You can easily create fully bespoke tests and calibration forms unique to your company with any combination of test, tolerance, reading etc.

Set-up your own corresponding documentation output for each test or calibration, allowing full flexibility. You only need to do this once and then everything is automatically produced to the same template and high standards; giving you maximum control.

You can even bespoke your documentation output to a specific test, asset or even customer; helping you provide a tailored service for bigger clients, so you can win more business.

Simply plan and schedule your jobs

Planning becomes simple.  Ensuring the engineers / teams /labs are only allocated jobs for which they have all the relevant skills.

Assets can be tracked by contract and planned maintenance routines to ensure you can manage your workload efficiently and in advance; helping customers and yourself.

Respond to clients quickly by easily adjusting planning schedules, adding more work to the system, fitting in urgent jobs quickly and easily.

Make your business more agile as you can easily plan for and adjust to changes in business focus or legislation.

Improve efficiencies across your team

Field operative efficiency is increased as your team always has access to the mobile system with complete customer and job information.

Automatically ensure engineers always use the correct forms for each asset and job type.

Self-service forms can take engineers through each step, helping ensure nothing is missed onsite.

Minimise time wasted as engineers can look up any type of calibration or test for a job as and when required.