And you don’t know how to fix it!

Now more than ever companies need data. If you’re in the 90% of businesses that don’t get the data reporting they need this webinar can help you!

The reality is most organisations only have a couple of reports, that are about their services and operations with their best reporting coming from their finances but let’s face it, this only gives you the numbers after the facts.

We’re here to help you change this, talk through your frustrations and show you how to get the reporting you need, so why not join our webinar…

Throughout this webinar you’ll learn how:

    • The best way to understand your real data requirements
    • How to benefit from good data straight away
    • How to reduce stress for service departments
    • How to improve the information provided to Directors, helping their decision making
    • What happens when data reporting is left too long
    • How companies can transform from poor data to meaningful business analysis and reporting using Service Geeni’s cloud-based software

Service Geeni helping business work remotely, efficiently and profitably.

So, if you are wanting to learn how companies are improving service operations using good reporting, reserve your place today!
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