How can you make your service business more profitable?

The success of any business depends on its ability to make a profit. Profitability impacts whether a company can secure financing, it helps to attract investors, and provides a stable platform for business growth.

Today, Service Manager software is being used by most service based companies to help them to become more profitable. But not every company has the same needs. So, as well as flexible entry-level solutions designed for up to 50 users, at Service Geeni, we also offer a range of service manager modules that will help your business to become more lucrative. These include:

  • Service Manager Touch. Helping you to provide a fast and seamless service
  • Service Manager Route Optimiser. Helping you to improve service levels and reduce costs by planning the most efficient routes and delivery schedules
  • Service Manager Dashboard. Providing insightful data and business intelligence which lead to actionable insights and improved decision making
  • Service Manager Vehicle Tracking. Providing complete visibility in real time, so you’ always know where your field workers are.

But, while there are a plethora of modular options to choose from, businesses with large field service operations – with multiple locations and remote and office workers using a range of mobile devices – often need a more advanced solution. One that meets their complex needs and takes the service they deliver to their customers to the next level.

In response, an enterprise grade Service Manager is required to help larger businesses across the UK (and beyond) maximise their results. With all of the benefits you’d expect from a standard service manager service, enhanced functionality and custom programming is also provided for increased business compatibility.

About Service Manager Enterprise

For businesses with up to 1,000 users, our Service Manager Enterprise provides service-led companies with a comprehensive solution that improves every aspect of their business.

Fully integrated, flexible, and tailored to fit the exact needs of your business, Service Manager Enterprise helps to increase productivity, streamline processes, achieve accuracy, and provide comprehensive management information for larger operations. Ultimately, by contributing to improved decision making across all levels of your business, Service Manager Enterprise drives both profitability and growth.

What’s more, designed to meet your unique business objectives, our enterprise-level package can be hosted in the cloud or on your network, and will integrate with any necessary 3rd party software.

But you don’t have to take our word on how it can help your business, here’s what happened when one of our customers used it to improve their operations:

Service Manager Enterprise in Practice

Managing forklift fleets across the country, for a broad range of clients with different requirements, MSM Ltd needed a Service Management system to help increase efficiency and enhance customer service. Having thoroughly researched the market, this established and trusted company – which prides itself on excellent service and customer care – turned to Key Computers due to the level of flexibility we provided in comparison to our competitors. This flexibility was critical due to the nature of the service contracts MSM Ltd manages.

Using our Service Manager Enterprise to handle its forklift service, including stock control and recording of all project management contracts, MSM Ltd also added a client portal to enable its customers to access vital management information and reduce the customer service workload.

“Enterprise has been a major benefit to our business and now, we could not run our business without using Enterprise. It gives us complete traceability, allows us to know where our fleet is at any one time, saves on paper and admin and the system keeps track of tasks that have been completed meaning everything is in one place. It has allowed our business to be more efficient.”


 In addition to helping MSM Ltd to expand and grow as a company, we have also delivered on our client care and customer service promise; so MSM Ltd has full peace of mind that support is only a phone call away.

“It {Service Manager Enterprise} has enabled us to expand and grow as a company, which we couldn’t have done without it.”


If you’d like your business to benefit from the flexibility and advanced features of Service Manager Enterprise, and ensure you can achieve service excellence and differentiate yourself from the crowd, speak to a member of our team on 01942 261 671 or email to find out more.