How can cloud-based training help your service-led business?

The global cloud-based training software market is expected to grow 9.20% between now and 2021. That’s according to a new report. The findings highlight the increased value employers are placing on cloud-based learning management systems.

How does cloud-based training work?

Cloud-based training software delivers, tracks, and manages training programs. Employees can conduct research, access information, and watch videos on any device – from anywhere – as long as they have an internet connection. Today, service-led businesses are using this method to help with a broad range of training activities including LGV, Forklift, and Manual Handling training.

What are the benefits of a cloud-based training manager?

There are various advantages of cloud-based training solutions, including:

Cost savings

With cloud-based training software you only pay for what you use, rather than spending your precious budget on features that your business doesn’t need. In fact, our Training Manager is a cost-effective modular system sold on a per-user-basis for each module. There are no setup fees, and upgrades come at no extra cost.

Improved productivity

With cloud-based training, everything your employees require to complete the online components of their learning is available 24/7. All they need is a computer and a secure internet connection. This means that training can be completed at any time; limiting the impact on your day-to-day operations. And, in response, more and more businesses are starting to take advantage of mobile learning.

Keep your data secure

Cloud platforms boast a range of safety measures like data encryption, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and password protection. So all your forms, files and information are stored securely in the cloud and backed up to UK data centres.

Instant access to information

With everything you need in the cloud, you can access your files wherever you are. This helps with KPI tracking, as well as providing instant access to detailed progress by individuals and full workforce performance/goals. All within one system.

Reduced admin

As well as eliminating lost paperwork, cloud-based training software also helps to increase efficiencies, with easy access to documents and quick processing via a centralised learning platform. So you can rest assured that candidate training is up to date and manage multiple training records without any fuss.

Faster deployment

Cloud-based training requires no complicated setup or internal IT support. Instead, you just scale up when needed, with a modular system that grows with your business. No additional hardware is required, so you can work smarter and reduce your IT costs.

Dependable access to training

When your online training material is on the cloud, all of the information is centralised and backed up remotely. So you don’t have to worry about losing any of your sensitive data. For example, at Key Computers, we are proud of achieving 99.9% uptime.

Cloud-based training, tailored to your business

If you want to bring the benefits of the cloud into your training processes, and add value to your operations, we offer a range of modular training solutions, tailored to suit your requirements and budget. Easy to get up and running, we’ll work with you to establish what you are trying to achieve, what (if any) customisations have to be made, and how to integrate any existing systems that you need.

To find out more about Training Manager and how it can benefit your business, speak to a member of our team on 01942 261 671 or email