How can you better connect your back office, your mobile workforce, and your customers?

There is a greater awareness among businesses about the benefits of faster and more reliable connectivity. People need to be able to share information with ease; whether that’s between different departments within an organisation, or in communications with clients. What’s more, they need to be able to do this in real-time, so downtime is no longer acceptable.

Helping to meet this need, Service Management Software can help you to connect your back office, mobile workforce and customers.

  1. Empower your mobile workforce

Removing the requirement for mobile workers to come into the office to share business-critical information, with the right technology everything they need can be accessed remotely. For example, software can be used to allocate the right engineer to a job based on factors such as geography, skill sets etc. These tasks can then be deployed to their devices at the start of each shift prioritised by location, urgency, etc. Schedules can also be updated during the day should priorities change, with alerts sent to the relevant engineers.

Each assignment comes complete with all the information your mobile workforce needs, including customer addresses, contact information, job notes and history, images, and any site access instructions. Once done, jobs can be marked as complete or flagged for further action. This information then syncs with your back office systems, in real-time, so the right employees always know what’s happening. What’s more, adding a note or sending a report to the customer takes seconds; so connectivity helps you to boost both productivity and customer satisfaction.

  1. Boost customer satisfaction

Today’s customers demand a higher level of service, and they expect to be regularly updated. So, keeping your customers up-to-date results in higher levels of satisfaction and efficiency. Look out for Service Management Software that provides a customer portal, so they always know what’s happening. By giving each customer the ability to see all of their key metrics, without needing to call you, you’ll boost customer service levels while reducing the burden on your team.

  1. Streamline your back office

Service Management Software can help you to make internal silos a thing of the past and improve visibility between different departments and offices. For example, you can:

  • Keep everyone up-to-date with job tracking software
  • Use a scheduling tool to drag and book jobs straight into your engineers’ diaries
  • Let engineers mark jobs as complete, directly from their mobile devices, so there’s no longer any delay between completing tasks and invoicing
  • Ensure engineers have all the asset data they need, accessible via their mobile devices
  • Access interactive visual dashboards with real-time data whenever you need them, so you can examine trends and uncover insights that will help you to optimise the performance of each element of your operation
  • Keep track of your resources. Even between locations and from job to job with mobile workers able to log the equipment they have so this is automatically deducted from your inventory
  • Location tag your engineers, so you’ll always know where your field workers are
  • Integrate your contact management, sales management, workflow processes, marketing data, etc., in one easy to use CRM system.

Syncing mobile data with back-office systems, in real-time, your entire operation will spend less time on admin and chasing up information, and more time on those tasks that make you money.

Find out how we can help you make unproductive working practices a thing of the past.