Boosting customer satisfaction with service management software

Today, customer service needs to be more responsive and more holistic. But how can leading-edge service management software help you to meet the needs of the modern customer?

Better access to information

With service management software, your engineers always have access to the information they need to do their jobs. So they no longer have to spend ages trying to predict what is happening on a broken device, and what is required to fix the problem. This means repairs are done sooner, and customers enjoy a better standard of experience. Nobody wants to wait overly long for a technician to arrive. And multiple visits to fix one issue won’t impress anyone.

But access to information isn’t just relevant to your employees. Service management software also keeps your customers updated, with alerts and customised dashboards that keep them in the loop.

Better scheduling

Effective job planning is vital for any service-led businesses. But relying on humans to do this for you can be complicated, time-consuming, expensive and fraught with errors. But with service management software, from planned maintenance and larger scale projects to critical fixes and reactive work, everything is done for you.

Generating the optimum schedule based on job, geographical area, priority and customer, service management software can help you to develop agile practices that increase your efficiency, optimise your workforce, and boost your sales. And crucially, let you respond to your customers quickly.

Lower costs

Keeping track of costs is essential for any business. But for service-led companies, it can be tricky to achieve. With service management software, you’ll get access to valuable data and insights that let you keep track of your costs in real time. Not only can this help you to become more profitable, but you can also pass these savings on to your customers; generating loyalty and repeat business.

Furthermore, with modern service management software, you can create an invoice on a same-day basis. As soon as a job is completed your engineers can mark it as done and an invoice can be generated.

Better customer service

Because service management software is scalable, it’s easy to deploy seamless, frequent, automatic upgrades that enhance the customer experience. It’s also easy to integrate improvements based on feedback from your customers.

Furthermore, you can glean a deeper insight into each customer’s needs, and tailor your service and support accordingly. At the same time, the software can take over more basic tasks, freeing your customer-service employees to deal with more complex issues. This allows you to create a more personalised and proactive customer experience.

Want to increase performance and customer satisfaction by switching to a cloud-based Service Management Solution?