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  • Improve First Time Fix Rates
  • Retain Engineers
  • Increase Productivity
  • Get Accurate Bespoke Reports
  • Grow your business (even in a recession)

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How to improve reporting

Good reports rely on accurate data input. Engineers completing paperwork, and administrators updating spreadsheets all lead to inaccuracies.


When Engineers use Service Geeni mobile software they can update information whilst on a job, using controlled & bespoke forms, increasing data capture and accuracy. Resulting in meaningful real-time data in a uniform format for easy comparison, analysis and decision making.


Improved reporting accuracy enables businesses to be agile and respond quickly to information to achieve results.


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Contract performance management

Knowing contract costs, performance and profits is key to delivering a good service, developing effective customer relationships and accurately pricing contract renewals.


Service Geeni contract management captures and reports on contract performance and costs so you can easily pin-point and resolve issues, maximising efficiency and profitability.


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How to reduce admin & duplication

Service Geeni removes duplication of data entry, enabling field operatives to input data once, with standard form fields that reduce inputting time and make data uniform. Automating standard tasks reduces time and removes errors from your processes. Giving each department real-time visibility of the data they need automatically.


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Improve First Time Fix Rates (FTFRs)

Improve FTFRs and you’ll increase customer satisfaction and can make more money from the same cost base.


Effectively scheduling service jobs requires consideration of many variables, so that you assign the right person, with the right parts at the right time and place.


Service Geeni gives Service Schedulers maximum visibility of:
• Engineer availability, location, skill set, site permissions & current certifications
• Job type (planned or reactive), parts required, location, urgency and typical completion time
• Equipment usage rates, diagnostic information and asset history


Giving Service Managers and planners complete visibility and control means that when issues arise, Service Geeni service management software can automatically recalculate which engineers are available and located nearby to go to each job, so planners can adjust schedules, ensuring customer satisfaction and preventing errors, maintaining high First Time Fix Rates and customer satisfaction.


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We’ve got the solution for your business