Best service management software for small businesses

The best service management software (SMS) helps businesses to run their operations and serve their customers better. Common SMS features include order management, dispatching and scheduling software, stock management processes, fleet tracking and reporting.

Crucially, by increasing collaboration between office, warehouse and mobile employees, and reducing the need for paperwork, SMS helps organisations to improve productivity and efficiency.

Ultimately, SMS can help you to:

  • Reduce reliance on manual processes
  • Address the issue of disorganised communications
  • Improve processes and productivity across the board
  • Get enterprise-level IT at an affordable price
  • Boost decision making.

The best service management software modules

Today SMS is used by a wide range of industries. From service-led and repair companies to engineers and plumbers, to delivery companies and IT and telecoms providers. In fact, any business that relies on field service workers and the challenges of managing a mobile workforce.

But the one thing all these businesses have in common is the need for good-quality software that helps them to balance urgent and planned work, meet customer expectations, and deal with changing service routes and schedules. All while keeping costs low and workers safe.

So, things to look for when choosing the best service management software for your business include:

Your organisation’s goals and needs will determine which features are essential and what type of solution is best for you.

How much does the best service management software cost?

Monthly price per user per month Freemium




Job Control yes yes yes yes
Service Call yes yes yes yes
Mobile Device Module yes yes yes yes
Non Stock yes yes yes yes
Invoicing yes yes yes yes
Job Quotation yes yes yes
Business Intelligence yes yes yes
Equipment/asset register yes yes yes
Full stock integration and management yes yes yes
Purchasing yes yes yes
Good receiving yes yes yes
PPM Module (schedule and contracts) yes yes yes
Warranty yes yes
Google maps integration (scheduler) yes yes
Hire Module (schedule and contracts) yes yes
Over Counter Sales (part sales) yes yes
Time Sheets yes yes
Multi Currency yes yes
Multi Depot yes yes
CRM yes yes
Postcode Look up yes yes
Self Service Report Creation yes yes
Statutory Inspections yes yes
Tool Management yes yes
Calibration Management yes yes
Standard Web Portal yes yes
Equipment deal/sales yes
Fixed asset and depreciation yes
Workflow automation tool yes
Custom web portal yes
Test Box yes
Open API yes
Custom development yes

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