Beat the most common barriers to IIOT success

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is creating unprecedented opportunities for businesses across the globe. Harnessing technologies, processes, physical objects, and services to create an interconnected system that monitors and shares information, across industries this connected data allows organisations to:

  • Access enhanced insights into business operations
  • Predict problems before they happen
  • Identify areas for ongoing improvement
  • Unlock new revenue opportunities.

However, when it comes to investing in the IIoT, there are some challenges to address to make sure you implement wisely.

Thinking of the IIOT as a purely technological issue

Yes, technology is at the heart of the IIoT, but to deliver business transformation a more strategic approach is required. It doesn’t matter how passionate your IT staff are about digital transformation if senior management doesn’t get on board.

Investing in an IIoT deployment should be a business issue rather than a tech one. Because, ultimately, it is business problems that you are trying to solve.

True change also requires input and guidance from across all parts of your organisation. Let’s face it, one of the best things about the IIoT is that you can tailor it to meet the needs of your operations.

Rather than making your employees feel like an afterthought, find out what their pain points are and how tech can help to remove these.  Not only will this ensure that any technological solutions implemented help to solve real business problems, but it will also ensure their buy-in from the off. Indeed, failing to involve all the right stakeholders in the early stages can lead to serious problems later on.

Believing that there is a one-size-fits-all IIoT solution

As we have already established, the IIoT can be customised to your business. So your decision makers must take the time to determine what you need. For example, do you have legacy infrastructure that needs to be tweaked to work with modern service management modules?

Focusing only on the upfront investment

Depending on the size of your business, investing in the IIoT could involve thousands of devices across multiple global locations. And, with issues of equipment, security and connectivity to consider, the costs involved can result in some companies giving up on IIoT deployment before they even begin.

But getting started with the IIoT doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, by working with an expert partner like Service Geeni, you could start small and grow your IIoT deployment for one affordable monthly fee. For example, predictive maintenance (PdM) could be an ideal entry point for organisations that want to enter the IIOT market.

And of course, over time, the financial savings generated through the IIoT will more than offset any initial outlay.

Not integrating all your business software and applications

The IIoT works best when it is fully integrated. With cloud-enabled service management software, you can control stock, manage materials, schedule engineers, control customer data, and manage hire contracts, all from one integrated system.

And, by connecting machines and devices and analysing the data produced, you can turn this information into actions that drive cost savings and service level improvements. For example, you’ll be able to spot which engineers are the most productive, quote more accurately, look at the real profit and margin information of each client and identify new revenue-raising opportunities.

Not appointing a trusted partner

If you want to get the most out of your investment, you should appoint a technology partner. And, if you use a cloud vendor like Service Geeni, you’ll not only get all the tools needed to transform your organisation, but you won’t have to fork out for a huge-up-front investment. Instead, you pay for what you need on a subscription basis.

What’s more, with Service Geeni, you don’t have to worry about making massive changes every few years. Digital transformation will be an on-going process with improvements happening all the time (at no extra cost or upheaval to your business). And, with a plethora of tech to choose from, you’ll have experts on hand to ensure any investments you make are right for your business.


To find out more about how the IIoT can deliver a better service to your customers – all for one affordable monthly payment, contact us today for an informal chat.