Artificial Intelligence and field management software

The increasing sophistication and abundance of AI-powered applications is changing every aspect of field service management. And crucially, it is helping service-led organisations to become more efficient, smarter, and more productive. But just what are the key benefits you could unlock by investing in AI tools?

Save time

AI is helping us to get things done faster. For example, with AI apps:

  • Software is able to perform mundane and repetitive tasks. So processes are simplified, standardised, and streamlined
  • You reduce the time your people spend on paperwork
  • Information entered on a mobile device (e.g. smartphone) automatically syncs with your back-office systems, in real-time, so there is no need for your support staff to duplicate this information into another system
  • Robust scheduling and route optimisation can help to reduce travel time.

And, when we combine machine-learning and automation, it’s not hard to see how these powerful technologies could transform the industry.

Become more proactive

When something breaks, you have to fix it. But AI is helping to reduce this burden with smart devices that are now able to send alerts when they need service. This means, instead of waiting for something to break, you can service equipment and machinery before a failure happens. So, with AI, you can better predict service needs and ensure more accurate resource planning.

But the benefits don’t stop there. With AI, even things like scheduling decisions can be made more proactively, with rapid calculations that take into account a whole range of variables. And, if a problem occurs and things need to change, such challenges can be addressed, in real time, without human intervention.

Crucially, AI won’t just help you to work more proactively; it will also deliver a better standard of service and keep your customers happy.

Boost compliance

AI can help field management companies to enable compliance and reduce their exposure to risk.

For example, with everything available via the cloud, engineers can fill in automated forms using any mobile device, with protocols established that require all fields to be submitted.

Manage your priorities

One of the biggest challenges faced by any business us how to balance competing priorities. For example, you might want to improve response times, but also need to keep staff costs down.

With AI, it’s much easier to use real data to test different scenarios and plan for the best possible outcome.

Work smarter

By combining AI and your data, you will benefit from a sophisticated field service management solution. For example, you will be able to:

  • Assign jobs to the right engineers using location and scheduling data – with the best technician for the job, and the one closest to the location – quickly identified and booked
  • Balance a range of scheduled and reactive work effectively; from planned maintenance and larger scale projects to urgent fixes
  • Improve decision making and turn insights into actions
  • Access information about individual consumer preferences and behaviour

What’s more, because AI never stops learning, the longer you use it, the more you will teach your system to make better decisions. So, it never stops working for you.

Of course, with cloud computing, a lot of this functionality is already available. Businesses are already using machines to control stock, manage materials, schedule engineers, control customer data, and manage hire contracts, all from one integrated system. And, as AI continues to develop, its potential when it comes to enhancing productivity, saving money and delivering better customer service is only going to increase.

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