Why are your competitors growing and you’re not? It’s your outdated software

By Service Geeni Team | 11 Oct 2022
Why are your competitors growing and you’re not? It’s your outdated software

Are you still using paper-based systems? We know you’re out there, so you might as well admit it.


There’s so many businesses still using old tech or even worse – paper systems, and then they wonder why their competitors are growing and they’re not! But the answer isn’t easy to hear.


Services everywhere are driven by service management technology, even something as simple as processing an order in a restaurant or takeaway uses software, so you really are kidding yourself if you’re using dated systems.

If you want to grow, you need to ask yourself, when is the pain of implementing a new system going to become less painful than actually staying the same? You need to realise that you’ve become numb to the pain that your outdated system is causing. Poor systems are causing issues for users, so they become desensitised, put up with the issue and don’t do anything about it- and that’s your fault.


Firstly – surely you don’t think staying the same is easier or less painful than gaining a service management system that uses new technologies to help you achieve significant process improvements.

The longer you use outdated systems the more inefficient all of your day-to-day processes are. This leads to lower profitability and far more hassle for day-to-day management. If this sounds familiar, you may be putting off reviewing possible service management software options just because you are daunted by the experience of scoping and implementing something new. But really, which is worse? Staying the same whilst competitors leave you behind, or making positive changes that help your team do their jobs better and advance your business?

Secondly – How much more can you take? Think about this for a minute, your smoke alarm battery goes at home, yes the noise irritates you for the first 2 days, but you don’t fix it. Suddenly, it’s a year later and you’ve still not fixed it. The beeping is still there, but you’ve become numb to it. Why are you letting the same thing happen at work? If constant failures and lengthy processes are causing problems, but they’ve become the norm, how much more can you take? Your team and your customers are increasingly unhappy, and your competitors know it.

What will be your trigger point? Because if your competitors are always winning business from you, then you need to review how technology improvements could help you, and accept the fact that the best service operations are supported by technology. It’s neither cost-prohibitive or difficult to integrate advanced service management software anymore; so you can’t hide behind these perceived risks. If everyone’s using service management software to improve service delivery it simply can’t be that hard!

And when you ask yourself these questions then you realise that the reason your competitors are getting ahead of you, is down to you. And the pain of staying the same is far greater than the pain of undergoing change to make your business better.


Sound familiar?  Contact Service Geeni to learn how we’ve helped businesses transform by replacing their dated systems (and yes, sometimes even paper work) with our easy to use service management system that improves efficiencies and helps you deliver greater customer satisfaction for less.

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