Who is really scared? Your engineers or your Service Managers?

By geeni_admin | 22 Feb 2022
Who is really scared? Your engineers or your Service Managers?

In business we rarely talk emotions, but they play a huge part in effectiveness.


Far too often Service Managers who are scared, and this fear is the cause disappointment and dissatisfaction in their teams. These Service Managers know they need to improve service levels and productivity. They know the field service management technology and solutions are out there to help them, but they don’t make any progress. They convince themselves this is not fear, oh no they aren’t scared! Instead, excuses include difficulty with time for implementation and concern about cost and resource. Worse still, they create this tension in their engineering teams. We’ve all heard it before. “We’re delaying the new system upgrade as it’s a lengthy project we don’t have time / resource for it.” But is that the real reason?


If you are projecting your anxieties onto engineers, and consistently moaning about the system not being good enough.

You are fostering a culture where it won’t ever change then your best people will get fed up and leave. Moving to companies that are already using good systems, (because these businesses can take on more work and engineers!).


Instead, as a Service Manager, it’s best to simply recognise what is a valid fear.


As honestly, changing a system is a big step, it does need careful consideration. But choosing a partner who not only has a great product but a proven implementation methodology to guide you is the answer. A good implementation plan for SaaS service management systems should include some engineers from the scoping stage. Then activate these users early in the process.

This way you get some of your best engineers to trial the system and ensure the system will deliver. This lets your key people know that you value their opinion; they are important to you and they in turn will help you to ensure the system is set-up correctly for your teams.


When you do this well, they create positive chatter about the system. So, your engineers look forward to their mobile software training.  A good implementation methodology switches on parts of the system in phases, so users get timely training and consistent improvements during the go-live schedule, which fits around their day jobs.


So, you can see there is no reason to be scared. By being scared, you’re driving away your best people and delaying productivity and service improvements. It’s only going to get worse. Tackle your fears by talking through your implementation in detail with your service management software provider. Get more of your people involved. Take advantage of how SaaS implementations are easier to introduce in phases. And most importantly stop making excuses. Demand better support for your people and conquer your fears – we all have them.

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