The Greatest Advancement in Tech – Did You Witness It?

Finally, the ‘Naysayers’ have been firmly put in their place. The old excuses of it being too hard to measure an ROI (return on investment) from IT is just b*ll**ks! 


Businesses have largely survived the last year thanks to the technology and software systems that support their businesses. I’m not minimising the innovation, hard work and determination either but it’s hard to deny that IT has delivered. Plus, for service businesses, this is what’s kept so many going and even helped some increase turnover!


Before being forced to work differently, naysayers saw technology and systems as a necessary evil rather than a catalyst for improving service levels and increasing profitability. The question remains though; whether now that more executives understand how technology can deliver; how many will change their mindset and realise there’s more tech they can benefit from?

Have your competitors experienced a shift in perception and used lockdown to implement new service management systems? Have more businesses levelled up their IT infrastructure making you not as advanced as you might like to think?


The market has changed and it’s likely we will see an increase in early adopters of new technology. Perhaps Service Managers will finally demand better job management systems. And, Directors will listen to them as they realise that with the right systems. Business initiatives could be supported and benefits accelerated, propelling them ahead of their competition.


There’s bound to be more service businesses using technology to their advantage, so if you’re a naysayer, your excuses won’t resonate the same in the board room and could risk affecting your business.

What will this mean for the hardened laggards still holding on to the old habits and excuses? As more and more service businesses use new applications to increase efficiency and responsiveness; it’s not rocket science to forecast the effects on businesses still struggling with less than perfect and dated service management systems!


So, as we get back to a new normal, it’s time to ask yourself what’s going to change for you? Were you a ‘naysayer’ before… be honest? And now you can see some tangible benefits? Is it time to consider what other technology systems could make your work life easier and your service better?

Whatever you decide, I urge you to start the ROI conversation early.

Share the outputs you want to achieve when you’re considering a new technology application. If you’ve found a good provider, they’ll ask you some challenging questions so they can genuinely help you achieve this. Then you’ll start to build a picture of how you can take your business to the next level. Only this time, you’ll be more confident you are going to see that return.