Service Geeni lifts the standards with CFTS

By Service Geeni Team | 09 Apr 2020

Having partnered with CFTS, the national accreditation scheme for Thorough Examinations of lift trucks, our software developers have been able to meet the needs of engineers by automating the inspection process with Service Geeni service management software.


The issue we found was Managers were constantly telling us they were struggling with the administrative burden these Thorough Examinations involve, as this work is critical to the safety of the assets, many customers needed extra resources to complete these checks.


A Thorough Examination for a lift truck is akin to an MOT for a car, and is required by law to ensure that the mechanical parts of the truck are in safe working order. Thorough Examinations must take place at regular intervals appropriate to the truck and its use, and on completion of each inspection, an up-to-date report must be produced and held on file. CFTS provides definitive procedures and consistent high standards for Thorough Examinations, ensuring that the lifting equipment is checked in accordance with LOLER 1998, as well as covering parts such as brakes, steering and tyres under PUWER 1998.

The accurate reporting system complies with CFTS standards and Health and Safety Regulations and is already trusted by many vehicle inspection providers in the materials handling, agriculture and construction industries. The software enables a completely paperless Thorough Examination process, saving time and money.


We’re proud to be partnering with CFTS; helping to achieve better standards and creating a safer working environment. The feedback from CFTS members already using the software has been excellent, with many companies reporting significant reductions in administration time and lower costs for completing Thorough Examinations.


Geoff Martin, Chairman of CFTS has said “The Service Geeni software is easy to use and has made the process of managing Thorough Examinations much easier for our members. It complements existing systems and enables engineers to provide an efficient service to customers.”


CFTS members can access the dedicated Service Geeni software straight away to begin using the streamlined, automated processes.

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