Red, Amber, Green List: which is your service business?

By Service Geeni Team | 20 Jul 2021

Holidays can be a nightmare for your service business. With less manpower, teams have to juggle the workload. But it’s not only the lack of service managers or engineers available that’s detrimental to your service levels. When companies allow certain people in the business to become ‘too important’, i.e. they’re the only ones who know how to do a particular process; taking time off can have a big impact…


When no one else can do the job required due to holidays, this should be a big wake up call for a service business. Why is the system you have in place letting you down? It’s a bit like the Government traffic light system; if you’re trying to deliver great service to your customers (green light), then why are you operating in the red or amber? It’s dangerous and just not worth the aftermath.


Processes can’t be managed by an individual because it just leaves you screwed. 

As someone who works in the service industry, you’re probably already feeling the effects of the summer holidays. But why does Dave ‘just know’ how to produce an equipment history report at the click of a button? The rest of the team are left not really understanding the system. Despite everyone in the business being trained on the software originally, things change and systems update. This can mean you end up with just one or a few people who know how to do something.


But what do you do when John ‘the invoice expert’ or Dave ‘the equipment man’ is off? Are you just going to accept the fact your team will do a botch job whilst they’re away? Will they just take much longer to complete or worst still, delay and impact service delivery?


If you had a decent system for your service business, this wouldn’t be the case!

The flip side is, it’s not the individuals’ fault for becoming experts in a certain process or protocol, nor is it the rest of the teams’ fault for not knowing. A lot of older tech isn’t user friendly, so when it comes to particular tasks, there’s usually a precise way of doing things.


With SaaS technology, there’s flexibility. It’s much more agile in the setup to make data readily available to you without you having to be an expert. Service businesses can configure the system so that they can still access important information without necessarily knowing how to run the process. If you want data regularly, you simply have to determine what info is needed and the system can automatically present it to you. All whilst Dave is sunning himself In Marbella you will still have the info you need.


It’s time to stop relying so much on one ‘department specialist’. Adapt to a system that’s flexible and works for you. There’s been enough isolation for one year, stop isolating your workforce from the tech they need…

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