Invest in better service management tech to prepare you for uncertainty

By Service Geeni Team | 04 Nov 2022
Invest in better service management tech to prepare you for uncertainty

Businesses may be worried about investing in better technology, after all, in times of uncertainty, our first instinct is to batten down the hatches, but it’s time to start looking at the situation differently…


For a lot of people, it’s about mindset. In difficult times, people’s natural personality is exaggerated.


People with a negative mindset are often those using old technology, whereas people with a positive mindset use new tech.

When things get difficult, what people normally do is accentuated so people with a positive outlook think, ‘How do we get better? We can use our technology to advance more, and thrive in our marketplace’.


Whereas people with a more cautious mindset double down on negativity, they batten down the hatches and shut off from all possibilities because they aren’t open to new technology. They get into a state of paralysis where they do nothing, and they simply reinforce their perception that they’re helpless and ultimately make the situation and their feelings about it worse.

Some business will fail. Customers will jump ship from inefficient providers as they look to control costs. So there’s opportunity for the best service providers to pick up new work. But how do you capitalise on this opportunity?


Those who have better, more technologically advanced service management software, use it to help them through periods of uncertainty.

With reporting that shows them areas where they can make savings, scheduling that reduces travel time, job allocation that increases first time fix rates; saving costly repeat visits, and systems that capture information in the field to reduce admin time and costs.


We work with businesses all the time who invest in their technology, and they realise multiple benefits. They also tend to retain their most skilled employees for longer and they definitely have more satisfied customers and great service reviews.

By spending money to become more efficient, as well as saving money, you’ll be delivering better service to your customers. That’s why it’s important to work on your efficiency; using the best service management systems to help you because that’s what you can control and it will help your business in good times and most importantly through uncertain times.


There’s never a perfect time to invest in technology, but now is definitely the right time for service businesses that want to survive and grow.

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