How can you avoid holiday hell? With your planned preventative maintenance, of course

Travel chaos, staffing nightmares, cancellations skyrocketing. Does this all sound too familiar?


We are all aware that the holiday season exists, but none of us were prepared for the travel hell that the UK has experienced recently. Add to that the issues you’re probably also having with your resourcing, and you’re probably about ready to give up. I bet you didn’t know you could save yourself from holiday hell with planned preventative maintenance.


And that’s the point, your software should allow you to be prepared for unpredictability and why you should utilise planned preventative maintenance throughout the year. Because if it doesn’t, what’s the point in even having the software in the first place?

You need to prioritise your planned preventative maintenance. The more planned preventative maintenance you schedule, the less chance you have of having to cancel visits with your customers. And don’t you want to keep your customers satisfied? Plus, your reactive maintenance calls will plummet, because your equipment will have already been maintained throughout the year, so it’s less likely to break.


We know that there are obviously emergencies, but if you’ve planned well enough, you should be confident in being able to deal with any emergency, even when they happen at peak times.


By scheduling your planned preventative maintenance to avoid peak times, then you can not only reduce breakdowns, but also free up resource for fast response, measure performance, uptime, and more.

Stop causing your own holiday hell!


The other major aspect that can cause you holiday hell is you! We’ve previously discussed having someone in your team who gatekeeps their job, so that when they are off, your business can’t cope (you can read more about that here), but your biggest hindrance to your business running during the holiday season could be you.


If you end up micromanaging because you don’t have the software in place to enable your staff to see what is going on in the business, then all questions must come to you. And you’ve made it that way.

But, if you had the right software in place, you could let your staff manage the workload whilst you’re away. Isn’t that why you hired them in the first place? So you can be on holiday, and actually BE on holiday, and you can stay in control from the sunbed.


So, you need to ask yourself, are you suffering from holiday hell in your business? And could your planned preventative maintenance save it? We bet the answer is probably yes!