Celebrating over 30 Years in Service Management Software

Service Geeni have been in the service management software game for over 30 years, and in that time, we’ve helped thousands of businesses solve their service management problems. From updating their outdated technology, to streamlining work flows, automating tasks and sorting out their data visibility issues, to engineer retention and improved efficiencies, Service Geeni’s service management software has given service managers and engineers tangible benefits.

Real Time Data & Visibility


Our leading mobile service engineer software allows engineers to input data in the field, saving both them and your office staff time and giving real-time visibility of what’s going on in the field, helping service managers effectively plan and reschedule when urgent visits are required.

User Experience Is Important


Service Geeni service management software also has an easy-to-use interface, which is important as engineers rely on technology to prioritise schedules, plan travel routes, provide customer, contract, asset, and job information, show parts availability, capture information and complete timesheets and so much more. So, if the engineers user experience (UX) is poor, it will affect their effectiveness and job satisfaction! The problem is, many service managers don’t see the connection between user experience and efficiency, never mind talent retention.

The Path of Least Resistance


If you are working with a clunky system where it’s difficult to find information, forms aren’t customisable or pre-populated, then what will happen?  Engineers take the path of least resistance, failing to complete jobs because of lack of information, failing to complete forms and useful data accurately because they will do the minimum, it’s not personal it’s just ordinary human behaviour. You’ll get data it just won’t be the best information. Whereas the better your service management software and user experience the more likely you can capture accurate and complete information in real-time, leading to better reporting and decision making, which is something Service Geeni service management software provides with proven results for customers.

Specific Industry Needs


Service Geeni service management software hasn’t just helped engineers in the field though. Since we started, we have expanded our software to meet the needs of specific industries.


Developing Service Geeni Lift Edition and Service Geeni HVAC edition designed to help Lift Maintenance and HVAC businesses throughout the UK with their specific requirements.

An example of this is F-Gas compliance, with the Service Geeni F-Gas module, HVAC businesses now have a digital solution that takes away the administration burden of F-Gas compliance and regulations. Within the Service Geeni F-Gas module, HVAC businesses get easy access to full record history, secure management of all servicing & leak tests, the ability to only assign F-Gas qualified engineers to jobs, a fully synced web & mobile app, providing real-time information to their back office, automatic leak detection systems…and more! But that’s just one example, Service Geeni’s industry-specific service management software industry editions tailor to specific market needs .

Secret to Success


Service Geeni’s success over the last 30+ years comes from identifying and thinking through every problem, every workflow and evolving how the most efficient and excellent service management can be delivered. Investing in our people and connecting with customers and associations in the industries we serve, keeps us at the top of our game: leading the thinking and development of service management software, for over 30 years!