3 reasons why you shouldn’t be changing your software right now

Things are tight at the moment for businesses, so if you’re thinking about buying new software to get ahead some people might consider you a bit mad?! Buying software isn’t going to help you get ahead of your competition or save time, so why would you implement a costly operation amid a financial crisis? Surely you don’t need to be more ‘agile’ or efficient in the current climate.


The past year has certainly highlighted which businesses are failing to deliver great service whilst working remotely and juggling social restrictions, but here you are risking everything. Let me guess, you’ve seen all the ads to ‘streamline your operations’, ‘automate your procedures’ and you’ve bought into them all…But you don’t really believe this big shiny software can help you achieve success, do you?

Here’s why you shouldn’t even be thinking about changing your software right now:


1.    You don’t have the time
Think about it. All the hassle of implementing something completely new, providing training to staff in the office and those working remotely – how could you spare the time when you already have mountains of paperwork from jobs you’re behind on? This system might be able to save your bottom-line by automating your current processes and reducing the administrative burden but then you wouldn’t be able to blame your engineers for not doing their job properly. What would your excuse be then?


2.   Speculating to accumulate is a load of sh*t in the current climate
Surely your cash flow forecast will thank you for holding off on this ludicrous idea, but you’re contemplating whether new software can actually solve all your problems. Well, we’re certainly not miracle workers and having on-demand information is just for the Jones’s – what would your service managers and engineers achieve by having real-time information & reports on hand? Do you really think they could improve first-time fix rates if they had better scheduling, detailed information, the correct parts and job history to hand? Do me a favour!

3.   It’s too risky; you don’t want transparency or control over your business
Implementing a new system will mean more transparency. You’ll have access to meaningful data and reports that can back up your decisions, so if you decide to do the wrong thing based on just a gut feeling – there’s no hiding from it. Having accurate information available anywhere, anytime can be trouble…you might actually have a way of backing up decision-making and then there really won’t be anywhere to hide…


Overall, it’s been proven that having an effective service management system will help you deliver a better service to your customers. But before you embark on a software project, the real question to ask is; do you really want this?


If you disagree with the excuses made in this article and consider yourself a service business that wants to excel, then please get in touch and we can arrange a quick 15-minute chat to discuss – no excuses!