Are you ready for the reality of digital transformation?

Digital transformation can be hard work. Let’s face it, if it were straightforward, businesses of all sizes would have done it years ago. And of course, when it comes to maximising digital transformation, it can’t be a one-off exercise.

But, if you want to ensure the long-term success of your business, being able to operate and compete is not an option. And, to do that, you need to be tech-enabled.

So, how you can be sure your business is ready for the reality of digital transformation, and how can you keep the hassle and expense to a minimum?

Start from the top

It doesn’t matter how passionate your IT staff are about digital transformation if senior management doesn’t get on board. However, too many business leaders still believe that it is their responsibility to keep the business running efficiently, at minimal cost. But, while this approach might work today, a failure to plan ahead can be disastrous in the long-term.

To get cautious executives to buy-in to digital transformation you need to create a strategic technology roadmap and business case. And, rather than making this IT-centric, this must focus on the long-term benefits of investment as well as the risks of doing nothing.

Include things like keeping engineers in the field, saving time between jobs, lowering costs and boosting security (all of which cloud-enabled service management software can help you to do).

Here are just some of the ways cloud technology is overcoming problems in 2018.

Get your people on board

Once your management team has bought into the benefits of digital transformation, you then have to enthuse your staff. As a rule, people don’t like change, but without engaging your workforce, your digital transformation strategy is doomed to fail. Today, merely buying a new piece of software and expecting everyone to use it just isn’t going to cut it.

Rather than making employees feel like an afterthought, instead make them feel part of the process from the start. For example, consider holding regular innovation days, where employees get together in one place to discuss their needs and challenges – and how technology can help. This helps them to feel valued and will boost stakeholder engagement from the start.

Appoint a chief transformation officer

If you are serious about digital transformation, it is a good idea to appoint a chief transformation officer to help catalyse change. Crucially, this will ensure that digital improvements don’t fall to the bottom of the organisation’s to-do list (which is all too easy when you are busy!).

Appoint a trusted partner

Another way to ensure you are investing in best-in-class technology is to appoint a technology partner. Even better, if you use a cloud vendor like Service Geeni, you’ll not only get all the tools needed to transform your organisation, but you won’t have to fork out for a huge-up-front investment. Instead, you pay for what you need on a subscription basis.

What’s more, with Service Geeni, you don’t have to worry about making massive changes every few years. Digital transformation will be an on-going process with improvements happening all the time (at no extra cost or upheaval to your business). And, with a plethora of tech to choose from, you’ll have experts on hand to ensure any investments you make are right for your business.

What’s more, while we’ve established that digital transformation can be hard work, it doesn’t have to be. A trusted partner will do most of the hard work for you and find a solution that works for your business.

Fully integrated, flexible, and tailored to fit the needs of your business, our service management software can help to increase productivity, streamline processes, achieve accuracy, and provide comprehensive management information. Leading to improved decision making across all levels of your business, we help you to drive digital transformation that leads to both profitability and growth.

For more information on how our software can help get your business ready for the reality of digital transformation, contact us today for an informal chat.