Are mobile workers a security threat?

According to a new report[1], the biggest threat to your business’s data security is your remote/mobile workforce. The survey, which questioned 500 CIOs and IT decision makers in the UK, US, Germany and France, found that almost 60% of organisations suspect their mobile employees have caused a security issue or have been compromised in the past 12 months.

For service-led businesses that rely on a mobile workforce, the latest revelations are bound to be worrying.

Of particular concern is an increase in mobile malware, with the McAfee mobile threat report stating that in Q3 2017, 16 million mobile users were hit with malicious software.

But mobile technology is transforming the UK’s workplaces and the demand for mobile-enabling tech shows no signs of slowing down, with more and more companies using tools such as smartphones, wearables and apps. Furthermore, there are predicted to be 1.75bn mobile workers by 2020, so going to back to the office and using paper and pens just isn’t an option. As such, something has to be done to protect organisations from a corresponding growth in mobile cybercrime.

Commenting on the findings, Raghu Konka, Vice President of Engineering at iPass said:

“Given the amount of high-profile security breaches in recent years, it’s not surprising this issue is on the radar of CIOs. The conundrum remains: how can they keep their mobile workers secure while providing them with the flexibility to get connected anywhere using their device of choice?”

He added:  “The key for organizations is to educate mobile workers about today’s security threats, and to provide them with the tools to remain productive and secure.”

Service management software and security

Service management software has become an essential part of most successful businesses. And, with the evolution of cloud computing, the value of such software is only going to increase; especially as cloud solutions offer an accessible entry point for smaller organisations. However, as more and more companies are using applications to do more and more things, the risks also intensify.

In 2018, data breaches are big news. And the damage to your bottom line should you fail to keep valuable information secure can be devastating. It’s no wonder therefore, that concerns about security are one of the primary factors stopping businesses from adopting cloud-based service management software.

However, in reality, any good cloud-based software provider will make security a key priority. It’s in their business interests to do so.

For example, at Service Geeni, our software gives your staff everything they need to become more productive, with access from anywhere, at any time. But in addition to providing a wealth of productivity tools, we also have a reliable, secure infrastructure in place that far outstrips what most companies would be able to build for themselves.

As a matter of fact, significant investment would be needed to make an onsite solution match the security and reliability of our services.

An ISO27001 certified and trustworthy provider, we are committed to safeguarding your data. We also understand what’s needed to ensure data protection compliance and will commit to an acceptable level of security as part of your SLA.

Want to safeguard your mobile workers?

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[1] iPass