Service Geeni Agricultural Edition

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In agriculture it’s not just about being first to market to seize an opportunity to improve, it’s also a case of not being last to realise things are not what they seem. Equipment sales are no longer product driven – service levels count for a lot.

Take the software used by the majority of main dealers, it doesn’t offer half the functionality of other systems, nor has it been upgraded to reach the standard of most service management systems.

Recognising changes means being open to new entrants, not just assuming that the old system everyone uses, (that’s hardly changed in years) is actually the leader – it’s yesterday’s leader. Introducing Service Geeni Agricultural Edition, see how easily you can improve your business …

Only the intelligent business owners who recognise their industry is becoming service driven and see their systems are dated are those that will make changes. Gaining efficiencies and customer loyalty as their service delivery improves.

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The agricultural market is changing quickly and those that are too late or just don’t have the balls to recognise what’s driving the value in their businesses will find things even tougher. Arrive too late to the party and customers will have chosen the better service of a rival because they want to work with a company who can deliver a great service for them.

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