5 ways to make money from service management software

In a previous blog, we looked at how much service management software costs. But, today, any technology you implement in your business should deliver return on investment.

As such, when contemplating investing service management software, as well as looking at affordability, it’s also important to establish how it will make you money.

Here are just some of the ways that service management software from Service Geeni delivers measurable value.

  1. Your workers can do more jobs in less time

With a Service Geeni mobile worker app, your mobile workers know about their day’s engagements without having to come into the office. So, they spend more time on those jobs that make you money.

At the same time, with our location tagging software, you always know where your engineers are. This means that you can assign tasks to the right person using location and scheduling data. For example, you’ll be able to automatically calculate the distance between the job and the nearest available engineer. This helps save time between appointments so you can get more done without having to employ more staff.

  1. You can invoice quicker

Our service management software allowed your mobile workers to mark jobs as complete (or flagged for further action) once done. This means that your back-office staff can get those all-important invoices out quicker.

Our invoicing software also helps to reduce your admin burden by automating repetitive and mundane tasks. This means the admin load is significantly reduced (and you can run your business using less staff, or ensure valuable personnel focus on more revenue generating tasks).

In fact, across your business, you can benefit from the simplification, standardisation, and streamlining of business processes. Staff will be able to fill in electronic forms using any mobile device, and this information will sync with your back office systems.

  1. You will remove the cost of unnecessary downtime

With our asset tracking software, you can record all your assets and have them instantly appear in your system. You can even use mobile devices to report on the condition of an asset in real-time. So, you never waste time because of misplaced or broken down equipment.

In addition our PPM module can reduce the burden by helping you to manage the maintenance process more efficiently. Delivering improved insights, by enabling more predictive maintenance we’ll help you and your customers save time and money.

  1. You will benefit from an increase in repeat business

With our service management software, jobs are responded to more swiftly, problems identified sooner, and communication between customers, support staff, and engineers enhanced.

So, with improved customer service all round, your back office staff spend less time dealing with complaints and can focus on tasks that improve your business instead. And, when it comes to retaining and generating repeat business, the financial benefits are clear. 

  1. You will benefit from money-making business intelligence

With our clever business intelligence software, you get access to easy to read charts, graphs, heat maps and league tables. This information demonstrates the areas of your business that are performing well, and where improvements are needed. So, you can make intelligent decisions that help you to boost your bottom line.

When you use our service management software, the benefits will more than make up for the cost. Indeed, the technology pays for itself in no time. Even better, because our cloud-based service management software is provided on a subscription basis, with no upfront investment, the ROI becomes apparent almost immediately. For more information on how our software can boost your business and your bottom line, contact us today for an informal chat.